::: DMI SNT Co., Ltd. :::
Owned workshop for safety equipments service with approved Korea Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Office. We have been achieved successful growth afloat repair ships from 1992 based at Ulsan covers all Korean ports which provide more competitive and services to owners for following items ;
1 Service station of Samgong, Fujikura, Mitsubishi, CSM Products
2 Life Raft inspection, supply, repair
3 Chute / Rescue Boat / Life Boat, inspection, repair
4 Sales agent of SAMGONG Life Raft
5 Life rafts and Rescue Boats inspection & Repair
6 Co₂High/Low pressure System inspection
7 Halon System Inspection & Refill
8 Dry Powder System Inspection
9 Portable Fire Extinguishers Inspection & Refill
10 Breathing Apparatus & Escape sets inspection
11 Other soft of life-saving and fire equipment
12 Fixed Fire Extinguishers System Level checking Weighting & Refill
13 Other System and Equipments