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This is to certify that our company have the following manufacturers' to carry out the periodic maintenance of
lifeboat arrangements according to RegulationⅢ.20.3.2 and MSC.1/Circular 1206.
Korea Hyundai Lifeboats Co., Ltd
Korea DSB Engineering Co., Ltd
Korea Oriental Precision & Eng'g Co., Ltd
Korea Young Nam Machinery Co., Ltd
Korea Dongnam Marine Crane Co., Ltd
Korea Dae Ryuck Machinery Co., Ltd
Japan IHI MU (Craft), IHI Ametec Co., Ltd
Japan Hoei Senpaku Co., Ltd
Japan Shigi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
Japan Tsuji Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd
Japan Sekigahara Seisakusho Co., Ltd
Japan Manabe Zoki Co., Ltd
China connected with IHI Marine
China connected with DSB Engineering