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Exclusive Sales agent of Ship's Life saving appliances and Fire fighting equipments of Domestic and World famous manufacturer.
* SEAPLUS : Fire Extinguishers, Systems, Gas detector
* NK : Fire Extinguishers, Systems, Gas detecting system
* NK : Water Ballast Treatment system Spare parts and maintenance
* VICTORY Fire : Fire Extinguishers, Systems,
KG Type Approved Equipments:
-. HRU: Hydrostatic releaser Unit for L/Raft and EPIRB
-. SOLAS Tape: Retro reflective tape
-. Manual Pump for L/Boat
Other Life Saving Equipments
-. Sales agent of Magnetic compass: RITCHIE, USA
-. Sales agent of Rescue Appliance: CQC, UK, Leonsports, China
-. Sales agent of Ship's Pyrotechnics: Koryo, Korea